Czar Roach Killing Gel – Cockroaches Killer

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Czar cockroach Killer Gel is used to eliminate entire colonies of cockroaches which may have infested Kitchen, Living room, washroom or entire house, office, warehouse etc. It’s working model is that cockroaches are cannabis in nature and eat their end.
Once the gel is consumed and the roach dies it starts a domino affect in which the entire colony collapses. Unlike aerosol sprays which only kills cockroaches on the surface, CZAR cockroach gel eliminates entire colonies. Apply drop after every 4-8 cm in highly affected area, make sure water/oil is not sprayed on the gel. Visible results in 3 days.

Czar Cockroach Gel – Usage:

  • Apply adrop after every 3ft inaffected areas. For the best result it is highly recommended not to use any kind of spray after application.
  • Do not wash or wipe the areas where Czar gel is applied already.
  • Usually in home the most affected area is kitchen, try to make a net (jaal) of this gel in the kitchen (apply the gel on borders of walls, cabnets, flooretc.)


  • Odor free
  • Destroys entire colony
  • Lasts for around OneYear
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Excellent Solution to Get Rid of Cockroaches, Ants and Other Insects
  • No need to clean home for dead cockroaches, they will die in their homes.


  • Keep away from children
  • Destroy the tube when it is empty after usage.


Video: How to Apply Cockroach Gel

2 reviews for Czar Roach Killing Gel – Cockroaches Killer

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